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Eric Barthe’s bio


Financial Engineering


Over the last 20 years, I have traded, designed, analyzed, researched and taught structured products and exotic derivatives

I started my career at Goldman Sachs in London as an Equity Exotics Trader, trading Index exotics, single stock exotics and dispersion. I have spent 8 years there and after working as a Consultant for the Boston Consulting Group in Paris, I joined Leonteq to become Global Head of Financial Engineering. Then I became a partner and head of financial engineering at Anova Partners, an independent financial company based in Zürich.

I am now on a “sabbatical break” which I devote to research in quantitative finance at PhD level, teaching and consulting on structured products, derivatives and exotic options.

I hold a Masters from LSE in Finance & Economics, from Ecole Centrale in Engineering and from HEC in Management.